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Who we are

eduzee School Management System is a result of research and development for nearly a decade in the academic and technical fields, the first of its kind in the intelligent processing of digital data (Artificial Intelligence) in the world of software dedicated to schools, in order to develop the educational process. The first of its kind that covers all the school departments.
eduzee helps in determining the level of student academic and behavioral through a series of programming algorithms that analyze and address the entries of the student and faculty and administrative automatically and then display detailed academic reports.

Our Mission

Technology has become a cornerstone and a necessity for our schools, it is therefore crucial to implement this development in the learning experience. This can be most effectively achieved through a platform that assists the various stakeholders—teachers, administrators, students and parents—in assessing and communicating their needs and realizing their potential.

Our Vision

Contribute to the development of the educational process through the use of the latest technology available simply and effectively.


Our activities

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