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About EduZee

eduzee School Management System is a result of research and development for nearly a decade in the academic and technical fields, the first of its kind in the intelligent processing of digital data (Artificial Intelligence) in the world of software dedicated to schools, in order to develop the educational process. The first of its kind that covers all the school departments.

eduzee helps in determining the level of student academic and behavioral through a series of programming algorithms that analyze and address the entries of the student and faculty and administrative automatically and then display detailed academic reports.

Our core value

Eduzee AIM


Improved Communication

Improving the communication between home and school by Creating several communication tools like Messages, Notes, Notifications and Visit Tickets.



Delivering Processed Facts (Information) rather than raw unorganized facts (Data).



Overcome The student’s Individual Differences through Assessment standards module, to locate talented students in certain subjects.


Simplifying Administrative Tasks

Simplifying Administrative Tasks by allowing the school to deliver all necessary information electronically


Liberating The Teachers

Liberating the teachers of tedious administrative tasks and allowing them to focus primarily on the pedagogic aims by Automating many procedures.


Real-Time Data

Provide real-time And On Demand Reports And Charts


Enhance Information Sharing

Enhancing Information Sharing by allowing students and parents easy and on-demand access to a plethora of relevant details.


Reducing Cost

Reducing the logistical and administrative costs to the school and Provide a Paper-Free, Eco-friendly working environment

EduZee Features

Distance Learning

Due to the recent events and the unfortunate outbreak of COVID-19, and complying with the recommendations of the MoE and MoH in Saudi Arabia, and due to the fact that our children safety is our main concern, we are providing distance learning platform which includes the necessary modules for learning, evaluating and following up with the students from home.

Learning content repository

EduZee provides an easy to use and powerfully indexed educational material content system that can be published, shared and viewed via any modern browser. The content may be used in our Online Interactive Board and Virtual Classroom modules.

Virtual Classroom

A camera, a laptop and an internet connection, thatʼs all what the teacher needs to create a new virtual classroom, the Virtual Classroom module comes along with our powerful Online Interactive Board as a learning tool, teachers can grab any document and show it on the screen side by side with the video, then draw, edit, add notes on the document easily by using any of the marker tools within the dashboard.


Our Solution

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Solution Overview

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Do you have questions about how eduzee Management System can help your company? Send us an email and we’ll get in touch shortly, or phone between 8:30 and 17:30 Monday to Friday — we would be delighted to speak.

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